wip_SMTPClientCreate fails

Does anybody have any positive experience with WIP/SMTP?

I am trying to set up an SMTP connection with WIP My problem is that wip_SMTPClientCreate seems to fail consistently, no matter what parameters are being supplied to it.

ascii *smtpServer = "my.smtp.server";
wip_channel_t smtpChannel;

	smtpChannel = wip_SMTPClientCreate (smtpServer,	(wip_eventHandler_f)SMTPHandler, NULL);

	if (smtpChannel == NULL) // failed

The returned handle is NULL, and the SMTPHandler seems to not receive any events.

At the same time, opening outgoing (client) TCP socket works like charm. I feel I must be missing something fundamental about wip_SMTPClientCreate here.

Any thoughts please?

You could ask your distributor for a newer version of the SDK.

WIPLib is on 3.x.y.z something, and I’m not sure if SMTP is there in 2.x.y.z.

Thanks tobias.

I was given 3.16 as the most up-to-date version of the SDK for new Q24 series. However, its WIP version is according to Plug-ins\WIP folder name. The libraries inside the folder are named xxx_wmwip_2., however.

Have you ever checked if your module is Internet Plugin enabled ?

Read this thread for more details :

wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … php?t=1365

In my 3.15 SDK the wip libs are:

Check on the CD or archive you got for 3.16 the version number included there. Might be some folders that just didn’t get updated?

And like Wallace pointed out, check if you have Internet Plugin enabled.

Oops, my module reports +WCFM: 00000000. Seems like this can be major problem.

Now that I’ve got Internet Plugin enabled on my modules, I still am unable to do use WIP SMTP API.

My modules are Q24PL with OS 6.57. I have checked SDK versions 3.14 and 3.16, and they offer WIP version 2.00.

Out of curiosity, I’ve downloaded the latest 4.22 SDK for Q2686/Q2687 series, and there is WIP version 3.00. Apparently it requires firmware 6.6x to run on.

I have tried to use WIP 3.00 library with SDK 3.16 instead of WIP 2.00 one, no luck. Linking fails complaining about a bunch of adl_semXXX calls which probably can only be found in appropriate (4.xx) ADL versions - which, in turn, won’t run on Q24 modules as far as I understand.

Does this mean SMTP is not working on Q24 modules with 3.xx SDK and 6.57 firmware? Anyone?