TCP Server event handler fails to fire



I have found a curious situation when using wip_TCPServerCreate. If I make the a TCP connection after the listening server is established the event handler is called and everything works well. However when the connection is made at almost the same time as the call to the TCPServerCreate, the connection is successfully but the handler is not called. I think this means the TCP channel is not spawned. But the TCP connection is made, a netstat on my pc confirms an established connection with remote and local port numbers.

I can then successfully make a number of concurrent connections, still without the the handler firing. Even closing all connections and making a new one has the same effect. It is not a time thing, I have waited 10 minutes still nothing…

The only way to get the handler to fire again is to close and re-open the listening tcp server. As it is not possible to differentiate the between the situation of no one wanting to connect and the above issue, I cannot detect the issue and resolve it.

Has anyone else observed this? Is there a way to re-attach the handler to the TCP Server without closing it? Is there any way to check the TCP server status? Where are the spawned TCP channels.

My brain hurts…



What is the WIPLIB version and the WIPSOFT version you are using at your end.

From WIPLIB 5.42 and WIPSOFT 5.42(OASIS 2.36),there is AT command implemented “AT+WIPCREATE?” to know the currently opened sockets. This new AT command is used to display a summary of the WIP soft application states with regards to sockets and protocol state(UDP/TCP/FTP/SMTP/POP3/HTTP)…
Before this version(5.42),there was no provision in WIPSOFT to know the state of sockets.

Syntax :
+WIPREADY: <protocol/mode>, [, <peer IP @>[, , ]]
(protocol = 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 or7)
+WIPSERV: <protocol/mode>, , , ,
(protocol = 1 and 3)

For more details, please refer to WIP AT commands guide for WIPSOFT 5.42 or the higher versions.




Thanks for your response, I am using WIPlib 5.40 and have not looked at WIPsoft. We are using WIPlib because our OpenAT code was initially ADL based and then we added WIPlib.

According to section 8 of the WIPsoft guide it is not recommended to run both WIPSoft and WIPLib. I cannot see an equivalent in the 5.42 WIPlib documentation.