TCP client on GPRS Problem

Assalamo 3likom

Dear all ,

I am facing a big problem using wavecom os .

when I call wip_TCPClientCreate inside the Inner Event handle (using adl_waitEvent) ,
1)there is no event come !!! although I am putting a event handler !!!

2)a big delay happen with no response

3)I tried to call it inside the timer call back and there is a big delay between two write events ( when I connect as a client then close channel then open new client again)

how to prevent a certain client to connect to wip_TCP Server Create ? OR how can I know information about the connected client with server?

I am using Multitasking , my model is Q2687

please i need ur help

thank you alot

fe aman ellah

When ever a new client connects to the server WIP_CEV_OPEN event is received ,so
when this event is received its an indiaction that a new client is connected to the server.

Did you carefully read the restricions about using WIP in Multitasking applications…?

Yes Iam facing the same problem , You donot understand the question ,

the question was if you want to accept a certain client (with a certain IP say to connect to ur server if any client come any time with a different IP say you need to prevent it . how to know this from open event ?
events have no information about the IP

thanks alot

YES , BUT what I can do now . there isnot any solution