WIP: Contradiction in TCPServer description

[quote=“IP Connectivity Development Guide; Internet Library 5.54 (4111845
Rev 2.0, May 30, 2012)”]
TCP server sockets … cannot be closed (they have no peer socket) …
Then there’s Figure 12, “TCP Server Channel State Diagram”


Eh??! But it just said that, “TCP server sockets … cannot be closed:exclamation: :open_mouth: :confused:


In case of TCP communication,TCp server sockets dont communicate directly to the client request.Server socket spawn a client socket and communicate if a peer client communication request is there.

while creeting TCP server using wip_TCPServerCreate(),the callback handler receives the events related to TCP client and reacts to events happening to the resulting communication sockets, not to those
happening to the server socket.

It is something like client to client communication(as TCP sever spawns a client sockets and communicate with remote client socket on any request).And the server does not have its own events .The events received are related to TCP client only

On client request,TCP server spawns a socket,data communication is done between spawned socket and remote socket and server socket remains in listening mode for other requests.

As the server does not directly communicate to the remote client request so once the server is created ,the only way to interact with it is to close the communication channel using wip_close and cretae the server socket again.

Yes, I understand that - but you agree, then, that the document text is wrong :question: