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Has anybody allready used the wip API of V401.b01?

I successfully opened a TCPClient but couldn’t do so for a TCPServer.
Also it seams to me that especially wip_getOpts() has no effect on the given arguments nPort and pBuffer, e.g.

#define nBufferLen 30
	u16				 nPort = 0;
	ascii			  pBuffer[nBufferLen];
	wip_channel_t	aChannel;

	aChannel = wip_TCPServerCreate(i_nPort, onTcpEvent, this);
	if(aChannel == 0)
		return false;

	wip_getOpts(aChannel, WIP_COPT_PORT, &nPort, WIP_COPT_END);
	wip_getOpts(aChannel, WIP_COPT_ADDR, &pBuffer, nBufferLen, WIP_COPT_END);

Anybody else who collected informations?




I will try WIP soon and i will post my experiences. I am really disappointed to test again everything because of the new IP stack. (how it creates the IP packets regarding the packet size and number, is it reliable…)

If anybody has new information please post it, it will be highly appriciated.





I have tested WIP beta with TCP socket.
There was no problem with establishing connection and sending data, and was no problem when stopping connection with its functions.
The problem came when i produced GPRS errors. The ip stack becamed very problematic for me.
I could produce these funny examples:
I could create a tcp socket over GPRS when the mobile was not registered to GPRS network. (of course the socket did not work)

Just after the WIP_CEV_PEER_CLOSE event i got WIP_CEV_OPEN event.

  1. After the produced gsm error (module lost network). I could not close the bearer. Always get the WIP_BERR_OK_INPROGRESS return code.

and so on…

Has somobady used WIP beta succesfully?
Could someone tell me what is the correct method establishing the connection again after WIP_BEV_IP_DISCONNECTED event received?

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I suggest you to upgrade to WIP 2.00.01 delivery with the latest beta version (b04 I guess)
It solves for me some connections and DNS problems.


Hello and thanks vincent,

The problem solved with OAT 4.10 b7 and WIP b1.
It seems to me that the problem was OS related not the IP libary.

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