Why smtp client example do not work?


Hi Why SMTP client included in Open At Do not work? Why Sierra wire less do not include correct examples in your soft?
When You place working examples?



SMTP sample works.You have to put your credentials.

What is not working at your end.



catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-que … dp29846432


I tetsted with smtp.mail.ru and smtp.ya.ru mails after func wip_putFileOpts handler return smtp error 501
I not change variables in func wip_putFileOpts

plz said mi free e-mail services where smtp example correct work?


I found mistake in entry_poin.c

DataChannel = wip_putFileOpts ( CnxChannel, /* Session channel */

                                WIP_COPT_SMTP_FORMAT_HEADER, 1,     /* default case */
                                WIP_COPT_END );

If WIP_COPT_SMTP_FORMAT_HEADER, 1 not correctly attach file

correct vallue is 0