SSH to LS300


I have a LS300 unit which I have configured in order to allow SSH via port 2332 when connected via Ethernet.
After doing all the necessary configuration and rebooting the unit I am not able to SSH/SFTP to the unit using the admin user (same as the one used for connecting to ACEmanager).

What happens when SSH is that I get a reply with OK after username and password prompt. From there on nothing can be done. The unit does not reply nor shows that it is connected in any way.

I configured the unit to allow log linux system, system info and services info. When looking at the log file it can be seen that a ssh2 typ connection is established and accepted but nothing more happens.

Any suggestions on what the problem could be based on? Any suggestions on what to try?
The unit is new and I’ve only done the configuration via ACEmanager.

Any and all help is appreciated!

All the best,

Did you ever get your answer? From what I can tell I am not SSHing into a Linux shell. I am SSHing into Hayes console. SSH seems to only be there as a security protocol.

I too would love to get to a linux shell.

bbronosky, you ought to be able to log in via SSH with the user “sconsole”. I dug that one up scouring docs on how to interact with these devices: … nk-device/

From what I understood from the documentation is that you use the SSH daemon more as a ‘gateway’ to allow you to access something connected to the serial port of the LS300 over SSH. You’re not ‘talking’ to the internal command prompt of the LS300, but only ‘directly’ to the serial interface to allow you to control something that’s hooked-up to that interface. I tried the same, for me the ‘OK’ prompt just confirms that you used the correct credentials and are now looking with hope at the RX and TX ports of the RS232 interface :slight_smile: