SSH login to FX30



I’m trying to login to FX30 Gateway via USB. The default root password “root” is not working.
As per the guide, it prompts for a new password first time, but did not see any such prompts.

What is the default password for SSH login(

Sierra Model: FX30 3G, Generic

Any help is appreciated



Hi Guru,
Maybe the password was configured accidentally?

Please try recover to factory following below procedure:



Hi Guru, Iotam,
Please do not run the recover to factory links posted above on the FX30. They are meant for the WP8548 modules and have not officially been tested on the FX30, so we can’t know for sure the results.

There is no default password. Upon first login, a user must enter their own password. However, you can reset the password. To do this, execute an FX30 factory reset by removing power, press and hold the reset button, apply power and then release the button after >10s.

Upon next login, you will be prompted to enter a new password. However, keep in mind, you will lose previous configuration and any changes you’ve made to /etc and /data



Thanks Chris. I did factory reset and that too did not work. On SSH, it asks for login and then password. No option to set password.

Any help is highly appreciated


Hi Guru,
Can you please send the output of “fwupdate query”?
The most likely reasons why the FX30 factory reset didn’t work are:

  1. Running WP stock firmware (not FX30 firmware)
  2. Did not hold the reset button for long enough upon applying power