Source menu a bit bare

Currently my source menu in the OpenAT perspective contains only two options (implement method, and generate getters and setters). Shouldn’t this menu contain other items, such toggling block comments and adjusting indentation?

To explain this strange behaviour:

  • In Eclipse, commands like indentation, code formating, are generic to all languages (C/C++, Java or others) and by convention are located in the Edit menu
  • Source and Refactor menus are specific to a given language (JDT defines its own, and so do CDT)

Now, I agree that the Source menu of CDT doesn’t provide many features.
However, please note that right-click menu in source editor gathers all Edit/Source/Refactor commands in the same place.

Ok, that makes sense too. My confusion was because I googled for a feature which I knew existed in Eclipse, but didn’t know the name of. The page I landed on showed you how to do it in standard Eclipse, which in most cases will also apply to M2M studio. Looks like I was just unlucky this time.

The feature I was looking for can indeed be found on the edit menu.