Some questions about XTEND

Hello! Greetings from Russia!

I have modem WAVECOM Xtend.

I can not find answers to three questions.

Prompt, please.

  1. Whether this model supports the mode named “cell forcing”? If yes, what AT-command has to be applied to become attached to defined cell?

  2. Why command +WSCAN gives out all time ERROR? Call “at+wscan=?” Returns “OK”, any other references (for example, “AT+WSCAN=50”) come to the end with error. Tried in networks GSM and UMTS.

  3. For reception of the information about neighboring cells the command +CCED is used. However it gives out value “cellId” only for active cell, and the number of neighboring cells is limited 6-7. How it is possible to read “cell id” allneighboring cells which are in zone of reception of the modem? Whether really to obtain the data on neighboring cells which number is more 6, for example, on all 10 cells?

(If it is required, here the information about modem revision: “B74l00gg.FXT003 1557892 081909 13:41”)

Thanks in advance.


i don’t know

try to turn on error number reporting (at+cmee=1)
are you trying to use this command while in a connection?
because according to the documentation this will always fail.

what were the cced options you used?
AT+CCED=0,1 gives only the active cell
AT+CCED=0,2 gives the neighboring cells which the modem is able to see
as indicated by the documentation… no, 6 is the maximum.

I in any way won’t understand that what “in a connection” means. If it is meant “dedicated” mode I tried and in this mode too. All the same stands out ERROR.
And still, in execution time “AT+WSCAN=50” comes back “+CME ERROR: 3”

So you must, surely, have got it from a Distributor?

Have you asked your Distributor these questions?

Simply our distributor very long answers these questions, therefore it is logical that the same request can to try be published at a forum of developers, differently wise and competent of this area. There is a probability that our distributor cannot answer these questions.