Error in AT Commands Interface Guide?

I am referring to the manual “AT Commands Interface Guide for Firmware 7.45.1” (probably also applies to the last x firmware versions of that manual).

Maybe I’m going blind but I can’t seem to get the number of fields listed in the manual to match the number of fields generated by the “AT+CCED” response. :confused:

Here’s the issued command and the response from the modem:


+CCED: 0,530,01,001b,00006a2f,30,19456,32,,,0,,,0

This response is from a Fastrack Xtend modem operated in 2-G mode. I have requested the data for only the Main Cell so according to page 14 of Volume 2 the response should be of the form:

where (according to page 20 of Volume 2) “” for a non-extended dump should be of the form :

When I parse the response into a spreadsheet I find that the description of the “Main Cell dump” has one less field than the response generated by the Xtend modem as a result of issuing the AT+CCED command.


  1. Is the document correct (which means I’m missing something fundamental, in which case I’ll welcome being corrected) OR

  2. If the documentation is in fact wrong, what is the correct field list, and equally importantly are there any other field lists (e.g. Neighbours and Extended) that are also wrong?

Is that the parameter :question:

+CCED: [,]

Correct. Thanks for pointing that out.
No excuse but I missed that response parameter because I was looking down further in the “” part of section 11.3.3. I’ll have to read these manuals more carefully …