[SOLVED] Tutorial testing failed


Dear all,

I am new to this forum, thank you all in advance for your kind advice and guidance.

When I test this tutorial “AWS Web Server Sample in PHP using AirVantage 4 APIs”, in the Step B-4, it asks me to key the following as Template URL :
s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/elas … e.template

However, when I click “Continue”, an error message comes out, as following and also the attached picture:
ValidateTemplate failed: TemplateURL must reference a valid S3 object to which you have access.

What does this error mean? did I miss out any setting for a S3 object?

Please kindly advise, I look forward to hearing your hint and advice, thank you.

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Seems like the rights on the file have changed since the last release… sorry about that. Just fixed it. Please retry!



Hi Thibs,

Thanks for your reply. I’ve tried again for a few times, sorry still having the same Error message as following:
ValidateTemplate failed: TemplateURL must reference a valid S3 object to which you have access.

Could you please kindly do the favor to help double check if everything is Ok in your side? thank you very much, I look forward to hearing from you…

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Mmm… strange. Could you please try to download the template file on your computer (it is a text file), and then use the upload option instead in the create stack form?



Hi Thibs,

Yes, the template file upload method works properly, thank you!


Hi Thibs,

For this sample testing(AWS AirVantage 4 PHP Sample @http://developer.sierrawireless.com/en/Resources/Resources/AirVantage/Educational_Documentation/Tutorial_AirVantage4_AWS_PHP_Sample.aspx), is it possible to use the Devices/Assets indicated in the Demo Account to set up the System UID etc.?

Please kindly advise, thank you.


You can use this application with any device/asset on any AirVantage 4 account (either trial or commercial) you have credentials on.

The demo account you are refering to, I guess, is the one displayed on the CLoud Platform page (developer.sierrawireless.com/Clo … tform.aspx). Unfortunately, this demo account still remains on AirVantage 3 platform for now, and no such Demo account is available on AirVantage 4 beta yet.

We should get such Demo account available on AirVantage 4 sometime soon (January? – I need to check with the team).

For now, I guess you need to register a Sierra Wireless device to your trial account (like a GX400). If you want to monitor data and send command using this application as well, you’ll need to follow one of our tutorials (like this one) to create a simple embedded application running on this device as well.



Hi lioncity. Happy new year to you!

AirVantage M2M Cloud has rolled out its 4.3 version yesterday.
The AWS tutorial has been updated today: it better uses the OAuth authentication of AirVantage now.