API trial, Amazon create stack fails


I am a developer, attempting to try out the API. I have followed your instructions for creating an AWS stack at
developer.sierrawireless.com/en/ … ample.aspx

I’ve created my AWS stack, but on final create in CloudFormation it fails, it gives the message ROLLBACK_COMPLETE.

Looking at the log it failed at the WebServer creation step (Logical ID).

Is there a different way I can try out the API? I have a LAMP server from which I can connect, I would rather do this than use AWS.

Thank you,

Tony Butcher

Hi Tony.

I you have your own server, then you don’t need AWS.

Just register your server as a client API in your AirVantage 4 account (step A of the AWS tutorial: A- CREATE A CLIENT API ON AIRVANTAGE 4).
The name shall be something like “Lamp Server of Tony” :slight_smile:

Then, start using the REST API using some comand-line tool at first, like CURL.

The first thing to do is always to get an authentication token:

curl -k "https://na.airvantage.net/api/oauth/token?grant_type=password&username=tony@tribiq.com&password=xxx&client_id=00f5436d4560fa45d70cd64eaa076fbb&client_secret=4564f7bc96ad3cf3b1aa17860bda3870"

This should return something like:


Then you can use the APIs themselves, using the same authentication token. For example:

curl -k "https://na.airvantage.net/api/v1/users?fields=uid,name,email,profile&access_token=456bc54d-78ed-400a-8fbc-456cacb08601"

Once you got that to work in the command-line, just replicate the same in your server.