[SOLVED] Wrong log in by using AirVantage 4 Account

Dear all,

I am new to this forum. Regarding this sample demo:
developer.sierrawireless.com/en/ … ample.aspx

I’ve created an AirVantage 4 Account, however, each time when I log in, I could not see the screenshot in the instruction “A- CREATE A CLIENT API ON AIRVANTAGE 4:” , I could not see the “Develop” view, and also could not see the “LCD Widget”, did I log into a wrong place?

BTW, I can use my AirVantage 4 Account to log into the AirVantage Operating Portal.

Please kindly advise how to log into the correct place to run the above mentioned demo sample, I look forward to hearing from you soon, thanks.

Best regards,

Hi lioncity,

Welcome to this forum!

I guess you got an AirVantage 3 account (on developer.sierrawireless.com/Clo … tform.aspx ) instead of an AirVantage 4 beta account. To get an AV 4 account, you need to check the box saying “Test AirVantage 4 beta” below the form on the left.

You can do it right now.


Thank you! now I got the correct account to log in! :wink: