[Solved] Q52omni and GPS control with GPIO

Hello all,

I am trying to directly control the GPS module on the Q52 Omni. Struggling through the sources of Q52OmniSoft taken from Q52 Omni 2.04.2110 package, I was able to figure out the necessary steps:

  • subscribe to UART2
  • set UART2 to 115200, 8N1
  • reset the GPS module

A bunch of startup messages should then show up in UART2 data handler, but it just doesn’t.

Q52OmniSoft seems to deal with two GPIO lines:


, although the trace debug messages show GPIO 22 used for GPS_POWER_SIGNAL. I believe this is just the copy-paste typo.

However, I wasn’t able to hear from the GPS module so far. No matter what UART2 is set to, and in what sequence Reset and Power pins are being toggled.

I am clearly doing something wrong, perhaps toggling wrong pins, or in wrong sequence, or something else. Could please anybody comment?


Should anyone is interested, the solution was simply to call q52_initialize () first.