Hello Every body,

We are also facing the similar situation but we are in much bad form

We have ordered 1000 pices of this module and the problem they are giving us is following

We are observing the gps data every 10 seconds and it is being displayed on uart 1 so we can observe it on hyperterminal

What we observe is gps is giving correct data for some time and then it suddenely vanishes for some time and this time ranges from few minutes to hours.

we have provision to restart the application by giving internal commnad at+cfun=1 which is linked to some timer and it works after some time but the situation is not recovered and gps is still dead

Then we switch on and off our system and GPS is alive again like nothing has happened (ofcource after some 30 sec)

We have some 40 systems on which we are testing and all are behaving like this and behaviour is totaly random.

We are running the system on 4.2 volt and antena we are using is of 3-5 volts.

The voltage on antena connector, we have observed is 2.99 volts

There is a pin on module to provide external voltage to the gps antena in case we are using 5 volt antena we have connected it to supply voltage of module as recomended in the manual

but we have observed the behaviour of gps is quite the similar if we keep this pin floating

Pls help since this a grave situation for us!