SMS sending


Anybody could help me with this, i’m new to this Q24 series gsm modules.I’m on a project using the Q24 classic, it’s somewhat similar to a vending machine.
there’s coin and bill reader, a display ,a keypad and the transaction will be send over the GSM network…
My questions are:

  1. do i need another MCU to handle the process?
  2. how could i employ a SIM select option for me to switch to different GSM network provider?
  3. does the SMS that the module will send is authenticated by the GSM network provider?
    Your reply would be a great help.

Have you looked at any Open-AT documentation yet to get an idea of its capabilities?

Have you spoken to your distributor about this?

You certainly don’t need one for sending the SMS - but you haven’t said how your module will interact with the coin and bill reader, a display ,a keypad - that part might require an external MCU…

Do you mean you’re thinking of physcally fitting multiple SIMs, and switching between them?

Have you looked at the Open SIM Access feature?

Almost certainly not - unless this is something that you have specifically negotiated with your GSM provider.

In fact, GSM doesn’t guarantee that SMS messages will be delivered within any particular time frame - or even at all!
You will almost certainly need to devise your own protocol to ensure this.

eventhough i am using there SIM card, my message won’t be validated?.. its some what i’m using the module to substitute the cellular phone.

What do you mean by ‘validated’?
messages that you send using their sim-card will get into their network, but they just don’t guarantee delivery of the sms.

As Madouc says, what do you mean by “validated” here?

The only validation that the network performs is that required to ensure that they get paid for the message!

Thanks for the support