Q64/Microcontroller inteface

Hi everybody
I am new in this forum, and this is the fist time that i am workink whit a Gsm-Gprs module.

My project is to obtain a temperature with a microntroller, and if this is outside a range the system send a text message to a mobile phone.
I suppose that after measuring the temperature and compare it with the specified range, I need to send a command to the module Q64 to send the text message, I think this would be done using AT commands.
But the problem I have is that i still not Know how to communicate the micrcontrolador the module Q64, I suppose I could do it using serial communication, for which I use a Serial Port Transceivers (for example ADM3307E), but I’m not sure.

would appreciate any help.


Yes, it could.

Alternatively, you could have an Open-AT Application within the Q64 module - possibly obviating the need for the external microcontroller!

As with any other device, you need to study the Datasheet to find this out!

In this case, Wavecom call their “datasheet” the Product Technical Specification, or PTS.
It is absolutely essential that you study this carefully - just as you must study the datasheet for the external microcontroller, if you use one…

If you’re not sure, then confirm it by studying the PTS!

Thanks a lot awneil.
in the Q64 PTS, is an example that uses a ADM3307E Serial Port Transceiver, i am going to look it carfully.
but i wonder if instead of that i could use a communicacion with three lines Rx, Tx and GND.

again thanks a lot.