SMS send & receive via EM7455 in ThinkPad T series

I have a ThinkPad T series with a built-in EM7455 card.
Works well for fast data.
With previous laptops, I’ve usually found some standard supplier software that allows management of text messages, but this one doesn’t seem to have that.
I’ve been missing texts from my mobile provider and would like to be able to catch up with those.
Any (polite) suggestions for an application to use please?
(Yes, I have done a STW, using both Google and DuckDuckGo.)


you can send and read the SMS using AT commands from terminals.
AT+CMGF=1 // to set TEXT mode
AT+CMGS=“mobile #” // to send text message

"text to be sent "
AT+CMGR=1 //read message
AT+CMGL=“REC UNREAD” //List unread messages in text mode

if not, kindly provide some more detail info on what exactly you are looking for ?

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I’m sorry, if this doesn’t match in a dev forum, BUT:
Is there really no tiny SMS-application provided by Sierra to download?
I don’t want to use putty/type prompts… research would take too long and I’m not sure, if I can succeed with my little knowledge. :confused:
I’m using a Lenovo P71, it comes with a Sierra Wireless EM7455 Qualcomm Snapdragon X7 LTE-A.
I’m searching since weeks but didn’t find a tool or something, just workarounds via terminal.
Do i really have to use a terminal to simply receive SMS?
My old HP Elitebook had a Qualcomm UN2400 GOBI1000 module,
but back then they provided a little ‘SMS application’, are these times over?

If anybody knows there exists such a program for the EM7455 please let me know!
Thank you!

Greetings, Alex


I’ve EM/MC7455 installed on DELL E7270/E7240 running Windows 10 and Ubuntu. I’ve another module MC7304 installed on LENOVO X220/X220T running same OSes. I’m only normal users where on windows currently using below tools regarding SMS. … uild-4442/


I have the same Problem.
Maybe: ?
I know the Software for years but I dont know if the are still compatible.