SMS receiving detection

Hi All, I have a question.
If Wismo 218 receive a message (SMS) it stores tme message into the SIM memory.
The only way to keep under control the status of received messages is to poll cntinuously the +CMGL command and parse the result.
Is there a way to have an hardware signal from the wismo218 showing a new SMS is incoming?

Fabio Giovagnini

AT commands are available to control unsolicited responses when messages arrive, and where the messages get stored.

See the AT Commands manual for details…

We can actually use +PSRIC to control the RI (ring indicator) pin behavior on WS218, e.g. high RI pin on SMS reception (RImask 2).
Please read section 8.6.12 on AT command guide of WS218.

why do you need a hardware signal? there are unsolisiced responses you can check on your software