WISMO218 AT command don't response


My project used a WISMO218 module.
When i turn on, module responsed:

*PSSTK: “SETUP MENU”,1,4,“Super SIM”,0,0,1,0,0,10


then, i send “AT” CTRL+Z command to WISMO218 in main uart. it do not response “OK”.
it send back “AT”.

i don’t understand.
please help me, thanks


Why Ctrl+Z :question:

Thank for your help.

I send sms message.

  1. when power on, i pull ON/OFF pin down GND in 1 sec. After, pull it up.
  2. then, send AT command config module:
  • AT //Autobaudrate
  • ATE0 //Echo off
  • AT+IFC=0,0 //No flow control if you use 2 wire mode
  • AT+CMGF=1 //Test mode

send CR character(dec: 13, hex: 0D) after every command.
3.I send message:

  • AT+CMGS=“phone number”
  • send CR
    module response: >
  • send your msg.
  • send CTRL_Z

sms is send.

I have a other problem. I unable receive the sms.
i try to config AT+CNMI = 1,1,0,0,0 and send sms. But any msg is received.

please help me.



Ok. My WISMO218 received sms.
My sim memory was full.


Hello Dear friend
are you connected RTS , CTS , DTR ,DSR also?