Is there any way to reprogram embedded SIM on SL808X module manually?

Can you elaborate on what you want to reprogram?

Exactly ESIM itself.
For example, if I want to change network carrier in case of physical SIM I can just replace it. But what tool (hardware and/or software) should I use in case of embedded SIM?


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Thanks, but trouble is still unsolved!

For example:

What about SIM cloners? You can just copy your SIM to empty one so you’ll get two identically.
So there must be the way to copy physical SIM to ESIM.

What do you mean by “SIM cloners” :question:

If you’re thinking of the things you can buy in high-street shops, then they just copy your contacts, messages, etc - they do not clone the security details of the SIM.

IF you’re talking about devices to create counterfeit SIMs to gain fraudulent access to mobile networks - well, that’s another matter… :open_mouth: