[SL8084T][OPAT]LLH error when uart_open

[Application Type] Embedded Board
Developer Studio 2.3.2(Build ver:
When I open UART1 port by the uart_access sample application,
LLH error was occurred then can’t get local echo.
(Please see “bad trace”.)

Procedure is as follows.

  1. Run OPAT Application by +WOPEN=1
    2.Send +WMFM=0,0,1 to close UART1
    3.Send +WDU=1,115200
    *Never send the data from external host via UART.

2014/01/08;10:50:33:225;004;LLH;3;EVENT : ERROR 1c
2014/01/08;10:50:33:235;001;LLH;3;EVENT : ERROR c
2014/01/08;10:50:33:245;003;LLH;3;EVENT : ERROR 1c

I can’t find the meaning of these errors, sorry.

1.What do they mean?And, please tell us the reason why this error was occurred. 2.How to solve this error?

BTW, how can I know the meaning of LLH/HLH trace ?
I’d like to know the way to search it.

Thank you.
Bad trace.txt (745 Bytes)


Just a thought - have you got the Interrupt stack set up in your application?

Have a look in ‘generated.c’ or search your project for something similar to


Also, can you please post your Low Level Interrupt code (remember to use the Code tags to get the format right!).

ciao, Dave


If I’m right, the error means:

  • parity error
    -framing error
  • BREAK condition detected on the RXD pin

Certainly the uart is not correctly configured in your openat application: please try to review the open code.