Problems with uart_access Sample application on SL8082T

I have spent some time to figure out how to get “UART access sample” application working.
First I had problems opening UART1 port. I have got that sorted with the help of
i.e. I disabled UART1 first using
and after that
Now I get the following trace:
2014/08/04;10:24:17:828;001;ADL;1;Open UARTs
2014/08/04;10:24:17:830;001;ADL;1;validate the speed
2014/08/04;10:24:17:832;001;ADL;1;UartOpen with Speed 9600
2014/08/04;10:24:17:833;001;ADL;1;UART1 successfully opened
2014/08/04;10:24:17:833;002;LLH;3;EVENT : ERROR 1c
2014/08/04;10:24:32:969;001;ADL;1;Binary header at 10700000

So it seems that UART1 is opened successfully, but straight away an error event is received and after awhile target resets.
Does anyone have an idea what might be the problem?
I will greatly appreciate any help you can give me.

Welcome to the forum.

On uart_access.c, line 125 mentioned:

static ascii *SL8Result = “This application is not compatible with SL808x AirPrime”;

Are you going to see how Open UART works?

Yes, I asked about that earlier (“This application is not compatible with SL808x AirPrime”) from support an got the reply:

So my original question is for UART access sample application which is modifed for opening UART1 only.