UART access Sample OASIS 2.20

Hi all,
I try to run UART_access sample provided by wavecom on my Q2687 with OASIS 2.0., however I have some problems.
Allthough the adl_OpenDevice returns no error, it seems that the adl_OpenDevice does not provide a valid interface to access UART (read, write, io, close). There are also no event callbacks generated when sending characters to the modem.
Can anybody help ?

I have the same problems too!
Thanks for help,

I have the same problems too!
Thank you for your help.

I have the same problem. adl_OpenDevice returns -1 and doesn’t set interface pointer to a valid value.
Q2686H, FW: R73_00gg.Q2686H

try to run your program in release mode and see , because for me it work well in release mode .