[SL8084T]Can't open UART in SL8084T with development board


I have a question about uart_access sample code of OPAT.

My environment is as follows.

Module: SL8084T with Mechanical socket board
FW: S4_1_0_7D(Boot/AMSS)
OAT Framework: 2.50.0.A1.201302131145
Developer Studio:
Firmware Package: 7.50.0.A1.2013021311100
OpenAT OS Package:6.50.0.A1.201302051441


I have tried to test UART with uart_access sample code as following procedure.

1.Make project with uart_access sample.
2.Build and run as OPAT target
3.Set Trace Level filter to see the trace
4.type AT command at+wdu=1,115200 to open UART.
5.UART open failed. Trace showed “Uart_Open : ERROR UART* is not opened”

This error is occurred “adl_OpenDevice” returned value(Uart1Handle/Uart2Handle) is more than “OK” according to the uart_access.c(Please see line#196 and line #251 in attached “uart_access.c”)

I have modified trace function as follows to see return value and it was 0xFFFFFFFF.

TRACE ( ( UA_MAINTASK_TRACEID, “Uart_Open : ERROR UART1 is not opened [%x]”, Uart1Handle) );

TRACE ( ( UA_MAINTASK_TRACEID, “Uart_Open : ERROR UART2 is not opened [%x]”, Uart2Handle) );
(Please see attached “trace.png”)

Q1. How can I solve this error ?
Q2. I think if return value is not 0, UART can be opened correctly. Why does it enter Error?

Thank you.