SL8082T GPS Fix problem


I am using the SL8082T UMTS modem with GPS functionality and I have been having some problems with the GPS reception. After acquiring the GPS fix, in some environments where the reception isn’t perfect (inside a building) sometimes I loose the GPS fix and it doesn’t recover until I issue an AT+GPSSTOP followed by an AT+GPSSTART. After that, it gets the GPS Fix without any problem, when with the same conditions, a moment ago it wasn’t able to get it.

I am using a 26dB combined active antenna 3G and GPS from 2J: … 425pcb/345

Is there any explanation to this behavior?



What’s the FW version running?
Can you please try using latest FW?


I can confirm that I get exactly the same behaviour - although I operate the GPS using ADL commands. Sometimes when I get a fix, once the fix has been held for some time it loses the fix and will not regain it however long I leave it.

I’m using Firmware package 7.50.0.A1.201302131100 on a SL 8082T.

Did you find a workaround for this GPS issue?

I’m experiencing the same problem where the GPS acquires a lock, but after an AT!RESET it can take >10 minutes to re-acquire the fix.