SL6087 - upgrade firmware problem

I’ve tried to upgrade firmware from R7.44.0 to R7.52.0.2014 using adl_adInstall but module broke down.
Answered only to basic commands like AT, AT+WDWL …
Only way to repair was reflash firmware using HyperTerm.

My usual upgrade sequence:

  1. upgrade bootloader - now from V08b0j to V10c05
  2. upgrade firmware - now from R7.44.0 to R7.52.0.201404040850
  • after this step, module broke down
  1. upgrade our application

Is this sequence correct?
I know about aplication address isue, but everytime it worked.

I’ve tried this upgrade SL6087 module with many firmware versions like R7.47 or R7.51 and it worked.
But R7.51 firmware is not able to recognise old SIM cards.
We need to upgrade many our devices based on R7.44 to newer version and some devices have these old SIM cards too.
I’m able to upgrade our devices only to version R7.47, but my boss want R7.5x version.
Is it possible using adl_adInstall?

many thanks


upgrading from 7.44 to 7.47 works fine using adl_adinstall :question:

upgrade from R7.44.0.201008311212 to R7.47.6.201212170952
works fine for me
Is it risky?