SL6087 bootloader troubles

I’ve upgraded bootloader thru DOTA on SL6087 (previous bootloader was from FW 7.47.0)
and installed new bootloader from FW 7.52.0

“DWL”,“V10c05”,"",“Sierra Wireless”,62640,“051513 10:45”,“a0836b50”,“00010000”
“FW”,“FW_SRC_747_8.SL6087G”,“R7.47.0.201202010317.SL6087”,“Sierra Wireless”,2221420,“020112 03:17”,“31be8644”,“00020000”

but it wont let me upgrade firmware to 7.52.0
module just stuck every time. A&D size is enough. Problem definitely not in size :frowning:
Any ideas how to perform FW upgrade thru DOTA ?

Did you try to upgrade from 7.47 to 7.50? is it working?
it seems like we cannot upgrade FW from 7.47 to 7.52 directly. you have to go with the intermediate FW 7.50.


yes, thats right. 7.47 can be upgraded only with next procedure:

  1. Upgrade boot loader V09c08 (7.51)
  2. Upgrade FW to 7.51
  3. Upgrade FW to 7.52

only like this. But this is pain.
I have few modules with FW 7.47 and bootloader from 7.52
it wont upgrade to any FW, nor 7.51, nor 7.52

So now question how to upgrade them…