Skylight unable to send and receive SMS on Win10

I installed the Skylight (6.0.4814.003) on Win10 machine today .

I am able to connect to the 4G and the data connectivity is working perfect however the Skylight fails to send and receive SMS/Text Messages.

The same Skylight was working perfectly fine with the earlier Win7 but now with Win10 I am really worried as I am not able to receive OTP due to this problem.

I tried skylight with RC76 module in WIN10 , i can send SMS

i have the EM7355 module and was working just fine with Win7 and Skylight.

now Win10 is giving issue!

I tried with EM7455 with skylight in WIN10, I can send SMS.
(currently I don’t have EM7355)

are you using same latest USB driver in both WIN7 and WIN10?