Simple way to get NMEA frames with CGPS


Hi friends, i was looking to sample CGPS applications (QueryApp, SimpleSample) and i’ve not seen a simple way to get NMEA frames directly into code (without using AT cmds). I’m coding on FastTrack Xtend with IESM IO+USB+GPS (Opus I), since a week, so i’m a little unexperienced. Anyone can help me ?


Why do you want NMEA frames?

Surely, your app will just have to convert them straight back into numerical values anyhow…?!


I need NMEA frames because there is no ‘speed’ field in struct app_GpsPosition_t … any suggestions ?


No, you’re missing the point: you don’t need NMEA frames for that!

NMEA frames are just a way of conveying data - they don’t just invent it from nowhere!

You would have to determine the speed first, then put it into an NMEA frame - only to decode it again immediately!

You need to look at the PVT (Position, Velocity, Time) structure, erPvtStruct.

That’s where the samples that produce NMEA frames get the information from…


[size=150]hi, i’m in to the same problem, i like to run the gps the fastrack, but i do not run the commands. why?
What do you needed to work ?

greetings from México :wink: