IESM GPS pin usage - undocumented?

Am I being thick, or is there really nothing in any of the Fastrack or IESM documentation that tells you what pins (ie, what GPIOs) it uses for the GPS functions :question:

Hi Andy

I have a document called “Opus_I_C-GPS_Application_Note.pdf” that gives info on the C-GPS Daughter board GPIO’s.
Also got “FastrackSupreme_Manual_27_07_07_IESM_GPS_USB_IO_UserGuide_Rev1.pdf” that has a bit of info about the IESM board, but its quite hidden in there which GPIO’s do what.

If I remeber correctly I read through the SimpleSample code to figure out what they do with the hardware. Its quite a complicated board to work with and it also uses a lot of memory, my OpenAT code with the plugins ended up being over 300kb which meant I couldn’t use the Q2687H, had to use the Q2687G.

O, I also have “GPS_Core_Interface_Manual_15_12_06.pdf” which explains the eRide GPS Core Interface.

I would be happy to send you any of these documents.


Thanks, but I have those docs - and, as far as I can see, they do not contain any information about which pins are used for which functions on the IESM.

As it happens, it appears that the pin assignments on the IESM are the same as on the DevKit daughter board - but, again, as far as I can see, that is not documented at all anywhere. :angry: