Sierra AirPrime EM 7345 Driver for Linux


I got two laptops Lenovo T440p which comes with 4G Sierra Wireless EM 7345 module. I am using Cent OS 6 as operating system, but I am unable to find driver for this operating system. We want to use the whole functionality of the modules to connect to 3G, 4G and etc, but we need driver for this purpose. Could you please let me know if there is available driver for the Module for Linux operating systems?


You can find the drivers and related documents from the below link:


Hi Rex,

Thank you for the provided link. However I am not able to find which driver i should download and use. I saw there is a USB driver that might be suitable, but I am not sure i can use it, because in my case the EM 7345 module is integrated in the Laptop, it is not a USB modem. So i would like to ask you if you have some additional information to share with me.

Thanks & regards,

yes you can use the same drivers…


seems like you have to contact lenovo for support…