Sever cannot accept clients using AT+WIPCREATE=3,1,8686,5,5


I use Q24PL(WIP spft V202 on Open AT OS31323, May 24 2007) and MCU to develop an TCP/IP system.

THE command is:
{+WIPACCEPT: 1,5} //one client is connected


{…} //send and receve data

+++ //or an ERROR is given when the client closes the socket


{goto Label}

My software in MCU is designed as above. It can work well before loop<7, but after loop>=7(sometimes the number is 8 or 9),it cannot work well. It cannot accept clients even if one client is connect the sever.

Which problem it maybe is?

can someone help me? Thanks.


Hi 0574119,
You have used Q24 as TCP server, so it can spawn up to 5 TCP clients at the same time (assigned indexes from 5 to 9)


Thanks for your reply.

I have open one PORT and ONE sockt (index cid=5) using AT+WIPCREATE=3,1,8686,5,5.

And after the socket is connected, we closed the socket using AT+WIPCLOSE=2,5 and AT+WIPCLOSE=3,1.

We only run this loop , so only ONE socket (less than 5) is opened and connected at anytime and at the same time .

My problem is that when we run this loop 7 (or 8 ) times , the sever cannot accept any clients even if one client is to connect the sever.

and We found that the Q24PL need to be down from GPRS and start GPRS again, the it can be conneced by clients again (but also cannot connect after 7 times) if we try to make the sever be connected again.

I guess we use WIPSOFT LIB incorrectly or there is one BUG in the WIPSOFT LIB.

Which one?