Setup GX440 on AT&T

I have not been able to get my new GX440 to function. I have followed the manual by wiring the power cord, inserting am AT&T SIM, and connecting 4G antennas. I am able to talk to the interface on :9191, no problem.

However, the signal light blinks red, and the network light blinks green forever, even though I am in a strong signal area.

When I look at the interface for WAN/LTE, it shows a phone number I am not familiar with, not the one in my SIM. This SIM works fine in my USB dongle…

Have I missed a required setup step to connect to the AT&T network?

Many thanks,

You may need to specify the APN your device is connecting to…

Download and install the Firware packages for ATT: … ware-list/

install the firmware. reboot.

From the Ace Manager, Wan/Cellular tab(at top) -> Wan/Cellular sub tab on left -> under Network Credentials, click the [+] to open the list.
For ATT enter the apn: wap.cingular or try pta for LTE 4G
then reboot device.
should get connection, if not you’ll need to google search the AT&T apn.