Serial Port on RV50 part of VPN?

I have a Site-To-Site VPN tunnel with a test RV50 (with static IP) and connected to my office. I set the settings to Blocked on the Split Tunnel setting on the RV50.

Devices connected through ethernet can’t get to the internet.

When I try though to poll my test PLC through the serial port, I can get through using the public IP no problem. Are there settings on the serial section that I need to adjust?

Is this issue still happening?
Could you help to provide your device’s configuration?
(such as what mode do you configure the Serial port, what is the configuration in VPN tab, do you set any exception IP for VPN?…)
If you set “Blocked” for all Incoming Out of Band/Outgoing Management Out of Band/Outgoing Host Out of Band, you can not reach public IP.
If you set Allow for Outgoing Management Out of Band, you can reach public IP through serial port. " Allow for Outgoing Management Out of Band" means that "Outgoing traffic from Airlink GW to public IP internet is allowed. The services on Serial configuration tab are initialed by Airlink GW.