Serial Port Monitoring

Dear all,

Developer Studio 2.3.0 now bring the ability of a better control of what’s happening on the Serial interface in the Target Management persperctive:

  • By monitoring some control signal status: DTR, DCD, DSR and RI.
  • By helping to interface with your module with the ability to toggle DTR.

Give it a try !


Hm, this is not what I call “better control”

Since the update I can’t open any serial ports anymore. Is this a known issue at the moment?

Looks like something has gone wrong with the update.
Can you check your Help > About > Installation Details > Installed software list and push a snapshot here?

Hi, here you are:

Sounds like one of the feature (EBS Target Binding, the component which manages Run/Debug configurations) has not been updated correctly (still in 2.2.1)…
Please give a try to update it manually: go to Help > Install New Software and select only the Target Binding feature.

That helps, it’s working again.
thanks for your support!