Serial port default speed.

Hello everyone,
I have just finished my new hardware which uses an SL8082. The hardware seams fine, I can see the led turning on for a few seconds, then turn off, afterwords I can see activity on the sim lines using a oscilloscope. All this leads me to think that everything is working as it should. Enable and reset signals are fine (otherwise it would simply not do what it does i think). I have a big problem with the serial link: I tried sending an AT\n\r but it never answers. I have tried 115200,n,8,1 and then 9600,n,8,1 but no luck. RST and CTS signals are held low and they are all LVTTL (1.8v) toghether with RX an TX. The RX,TX,RTS and CTS are correctly connected (in the early days that was one of my main topics of concern). Without having to test all possible combinations, can anyone suggest what is the default speed and parameters for this module? Is there any other reason why the serial port should stay silent? Beware that this module has never been programmed, it has been soldered slap new from the reel. I havn’t found any help on the manuals about default speeds.

Hi Mario,

The default speed of UART interface is 115200 (8-n-1).
However, we have to first send AT command (AT!MAPUART=1) to enable it.

You may need to send that AT command thru AT port on USB interface.

Hope this help.