Sensors for Q26 Development board


Hi every one,

i need to buy an sensor (e.g. humidity, temperature…) that can connect to the usb-port of Q26 development board. i want to collect information from this sensor and send it over gprs network to a server.

can anyone name some type of sensor that are compatible with q26 development board?



Note that this is a [b]Device /b port; therefore it can only connect to a USB Host - eg, a PC.

I think it highly unlikely that you will find any sensor that provides a USB Host function…


thanks for the answer. some sensors to connect to the GPIO or UART is not bad. can some body make a advice? thanks.


There is nothing magic or special about the Q26 in this respect; you just need to adopt exactly the same approach as for interfacing any peripheral to any other device - see:

Note that Wavecom (now Sierra Wireless) use the term “Product Technical Specification” (or “PTS” for short) for “Datasheet