Connecting LCD to USB


Hi all,
I’m trying to connect an LCD (crystalfontz CFA-635 USB) to Q2686 USB port, and I’m using fcm to activate USB port and send data to the LCD to display. Unfortunately nothing happens.
As a matter of fact the back light of the LCD doesn’t open when the USB port is activated.

Has anyone faced a similar problem?
I would appreciate any help.


This would require a USB Host port; I don’t believe that the Q2686 has a USB Host port - does it :question:


awneil thanks for your answer.
So it is impossible to do it. That’s a pity.
I need to connect on a processor a flow sensor, an LCD and of course to connect via GPRS to internet. Do you know if there is any wavecom module to use for my application?

Thanks again…


It’s just the USB that is you stumbling block.

There are plenty of LCDs with interfaces other than USB…


indeed, you could use any of the other interfaces fot that.
The usb interface on the Q2686 is indeed NOT at host interface.
but the SPi, or i2c or serial ports are available for connecting sensors and lcd displays.


I did a bit of googling (it would’ve been helpful if you’d provided a direct link) and it appears that Crystalfontz do the same thing with a serial interface:

You could use the Q2686 UART for this.