Graphic LCD Interface


Hi all,
Can anyone help me to interface a graphic lcd (color) to Q2686. Any kind of sugestion/advice/help will help me.


How to interface anything to anything else:

Remember: your graphic LCD neither knows nor cares what is controlling it; all that matters is that the controller performs in accordance with the LCD’s requirements - which will be specified in the LCD’s Datasheet and other supporting documentation.


Hi awneil,
Sorry for the late reply…actualy i want to mean that if there is any standard graphics library available for wavecom modules…also it will be helpfull for me if any intface diagram/hint available…



Have you looked at the App notes provided by Wavecom? There is one there on using Graphic LCD’s.

ciao, Dave


Hi Ciao,
I have got the app note. will try latter as now i’am busy with my veichle tracker development. Thanks for the reply.