Sending SMS with Hyper Terminal

I have a Q2403A modem connected serial.
When i try to send a sms with Hyper termial it refusses to send an sms.

The commands i give are:


the products sends :0x0D 0x0A 0x3E 0x20

at the (0x3e) > test sms (0x1A)

after that nothing happens… when I type a command (ATE) it coms back with the >(0x3e) and i can type in more text.

It looks that the modem doesn’t recognize the character.
I tried another terminal program where you can send HEX but the same result.

Please who can help me.

Thanks in advance

Note other functions are working for example atdxxxxxxx is working.
Software revision: 641b09gg.Q2403A 1320676 061804 14:38