Question About Q2403A & RING


I Have Q2403A And Development Board.
I Test it By Hyper Terminal (Bitrate 9600 8 n 1) .
All Thing is ok (Send And Reciving Sms ) , But when Reciving Call , Hyper Terminal not show Any thing.
(i test this options by Kylix Ocx , and can not get call information when called to modem.)

Any body Can Help to me For Solving this problem ?


When the product receives a call, it sets the Ring Indicator signal and sends the ASCII
“RING” or "+CRING: " string to the application (+CRING if the cellular result
code +CRC is enabled).

Use above AT command to set/activate the Ring indicator.

Note: bit field (0…0)1000111 (0x47 or decimal
71) to enable IP packets, RING, +CRING,

Try and reply for the same.