How can I know if my module Q2687RD is sending something ? I have a remote device which simulate a base station and is able to connect to this module. If I set my base station up to circuit switched service, “RING” appears and I can perform the connection. However, if I set the base station up to packet data service, there are no “RING” displayed. Therefore, even if I get some measurements, I don’t know if my remote device is communicating with the right module (that is to say the module under test). I’ve checked the IMEI (ESN) number. They match together but I’d like something else.

Moreover, I’d like to know which modulation is used. In this case, the modulation seems to be monitored by the base station. Is it possible to make the Q2687 take over the modulation?


Could you please elaborate a little?

Also you can check the +CRING indication during data call. you have to enable it by sending AT+CRC=1.