Sending SMS with FX30S

Hello… I’m trying to use an FX30S to send SMS messages via a utility that’s part of an industrial control system that I manage. The FX30S has an active AT&T SIM card in it. The interface on the control system sees the FX30S; it reports back the manufacturer, model number, SMSC number, etc. When the utility generates an SMS, it reports that it was successfully sent, but it’s never received at the destination.

I opened up TeraTerm to try and send one manually from there using the AT+CMGS, and the command SEEMS to be accepted, but again, no SMS on the receiving end. I’m pretty new to all of this, looking for suggestions. Screenshots attached of what I was seeing. Thanks!

SMS test

Have you tried newer firmware?

Is your sim ok to send sms?

Well, that’s a good question… I’m ignorantly assuming that every SIM would have that as a default. When I visit the account page for the SIM it doesn’t say one way or another… I’ll have to dig into that.