Send SMS and CMS ERROR: 350 with WP7702



I’m having trouble sending sms with WP7702 module.
By sending AT commands via “microcom -E /dev/ttyAT”, I encounter an error ( +CMS ERROR:350 ), but I can’t find any meaning for this error in the forums.

Here is the error : ( I can only upload one picture )

I checked also if the SMS were active :

I checked if the firmware version was up to date and it was:

Also, when I try to send a SMS with this sim from a phone, the next message appear :
“No network support for messages”

Have you any ideas about the meaning of this error and a solution ?
I work with a mangOH red

Thanks in advance !


It seems when you modify the +CSCA number by removing “+”, you also entered the CSCA number incorrectly. There is a “zero” digit missing in the number. The original +CSCA number is “+324750004160400”, but you entered “32475004160400”. Please try again and see if this resolve this issue.


Hello, thank for your answer

I try again but it still does not work : ( sorry it’s written in double )




Please remove “+” in +CSCA and try again. Thanks.





As you said you having problem to send SMS with this SIM from a phone. Do you have other SIM to test?



So I tried with another sim, here is the result :


and I received the message “hello”, so I think there is a problem with the first SIM, but I don’t know why this does not work