MC 7455 - CMS Error 300 when sending SMS

Hello, I’m using Raspbian and the modem is connected with the MC AirPrime development kit.

at+cops: 0,0,“Verizon Wireless”,7
at+cgreg: 0,1
at+csq: 22,99

After trying to send SMS,


The prompt skips a lot of lines and returns

I’ve verified that the SIM works by sending & receiving SMS on an Android. What could be causing the error?

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This problem needs a detailed technical analysis. Please contact your Technical support in SWI to provide you the solution.

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I don’t know if you will see my message… But I think you need to change your phone number. Sometimes it can be the cause of all problems as well.

Thus, for instance, I used to have a problem with Twitter. I needed to register an account for my dad but unfortunately, the system did not accept his phone number. Even though we were living in Spain at that moment.

My father liked conspiracy theories and he did not trust his phone number to be registered with. So, we used the fake mobile number for twitter from website and it worked!

Maybe you should try to do the same?