Send IP data without continuous mode

How about the ability to send binary data over a socket in a non-modal fashion.

Somthing like:


and similar for reading from a socket, avoiding escaping characters.


Wipsoft command AT+WIPOPT has the option to send Binary data (AT+WIPOPT=4,1,2,40,1) during a FTP session. Refer section " Options that can be applied to

FTP Session" under “Service Option Handling +WIPOPT” of the WIPAT_Commands_User_Guide.

For avoiding escaping characters, the character should be preceded by [DLE] character. refer to section “6.1.2 [ETX] Escaping Mechanism” under "6.1 File Exchange

+WIPFILE" of the WIPAT_Commands_User_Guide.

“Continuous Transparent mode” can be used where there is no special meaning associated for [DLE]/[ETX] characters. Refer to “Socket Data exchange +WIPDATA”

section of WIPAT_Commands_User_Guide.