How to change from ASCII to binary in TCP


I am using a fastrack supreme module with the wip library to send data to a server using the TCP/IP protocol but for specific reasons I need to send data coded in binary form rather than ASCII… I noticed that in the WIP user guide the command WIPOPT allows to configure some characteristics of the communication protocol, and says that option number 40 allows to change from ASCII to Binary mode but only for the FTP channel…

Is it possible that same option but for TCP/IP ?


thats because that option only makes sense in the FTP context.

if you build your own tcp packets youre always sending binary.
its up to you how to interpret the bytes contained in the tcp package


In the FTP context it has to do with handling the different line ending and file ending requirements of different systems

thanks for your responses, what i ment was that for practical reasons I need to send 8 bits of data per byte (binary transmission) but for what I’ve seen it send 7 bit coded AsCII over the TCP/IP protocol… is this possible?

where have you seen that?
i’m sending and receiving bytes just fine, without any special configuring.

I agree with Madouc - you’ve either mis-seen, or misinterpreted what you saw.