Seirra GL7812 AT commands plugin support

Is Seirra provide the sample AT commands plugin library or application support?

For example, if we want to establish the connection then we have to trigger the AT command sequence. So, in term of development there is lot’s of thing which we have to do like gather the AT commands and single commands which we have to create custom library.

if Seirra GL7812 provide support of AT commands library function then which is more helpful and time efficient for our project.

I’m expecting good suggestion from you.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi @panchal.pratik,

Before supporting you, please let me know the output of the command:




The issue is that all of our customers want to use the units in a different way, in highly diverse scenarios, against different processors, on different networks. Providing a ‘library’ is just not feasible, the best we can do is give examples, in the past we have created tools to do something like what you have asked but beyond the very simple use cases its not possible to cater for most customer requirements.

If you describe what you want to achieve then some guidance can be given.